PMI Peretz mantzor industries

P.M.I. company was founded in 1988. P.M.I. provides electronic manufacturing services of different kinds for the civilian and military markets. It employs over 70 people and its plant is about 1000 square meters

The company has the ability to give unique solutions for special problems in accordance to the clients request and needs. P.M.I. puts great emphasis on short notice orders and lead times. P.M.I. has a special department for START UP companies to meet their special needs during the development and manufacturing of prototypes

:Company specialty

Printed circuit assembly

In our use are machines: SMT components placement machines by samsung and a solder wave machine by SOLTEC. The company has the ability to assemble BGA and micro-BGA compoents, and BGA rework. Selective machine by Pillarhouse

Project execution


The company has the ability to perform projects from the beginning of its development, circuit planning

 full purchasing of all components, assembly including

electronic inspection and quality control to its packaging in accordance to the client’s specifications


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